Noiseless replacement pickups for Stratocaster® without losing the character of the sound! Dynamics and selectivity at a higher level.

We are glad to present you – STRATOBUCKER™. Structurally, it is a Single Coil sized Humbucker sounding like Vintage Strat Single Coil!

STRATOBUCKER™ sounds like a real Strat® single coil, but more dinamic, rich, selective and with no 60-hz hum, sustain killing magnet pull and string drop outs.

Now we can confidently talk about the maximum convergence with Single Coil and new aspects of sound and feel .

Thanks to our unique “APG sound modeling technology”, we can to implement in STRATOBUCKER™ almost all sound that You need, from Vintage Strat®, Tele® through P90® to PAF® or Your own vision [custom shop], if You have one!


  • DCR:4.6K

Схема подключения:

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